How to Add an Upside Down Exclamation Point on iPhone (iOS 16)

Here's how to add an inverted exclamation point, or Spanish exclamation point, to your iPhone keyboard.

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Want to type properly in Spanish? You'll need to add the upside-down exclamation point to your iPhone keyboard. Here's how!

Why You’ll Love This Tip

  • Add the Spanish exclamation mark to your iPad or iPhone keyboard so you can type properly in the Spanish, Galician, and Waray languages.
  • Perfect for everyone who insists on writing texts with proper grammar and punctuation.

How to Type an Upside-Down Exclamation Mark on iPhone

In the Spanish language, an exclamatory sentence has an upside-down exclamation point at the beginning and a standard one at the end. It's easy to type an exclamation point in Spanish; let's get started! For more great iPad and iPhone keyboard tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day

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  1. Open an app that you use to type with on your iPad or iPhone. For this example, I'll use Messages.

    how to type the upside down exclamation point in the iphone messages app
  2. Tap in the text field to bring up the keyboard, then tap the 123 button.

    tap the text field then tap the 123 button
  3. Touch and hold the exclamation point.

    touch and hold the exclamation point to do an upside down exclamation mark
  4. Slide your finger from the standard exclamation point to the upside-down exclamation point until it's highlighted, then release your finger.

    tap the exclamation point upside down
  5. The upside-down exclamation mark will appear.

    now the spanish exclamation point has been typed
  6. Now you can type the rest of your message, note, or whatever else you are working on.

    type the rest of the sentence in the text field
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