How to Use Apple Watch Raise to Speak for Siri (2022 Update)

Here's how to enable and use Raise to Speak for Siri on your Apple Watch.

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Here's how to turn on and use raise to talk, or Raise to Speak, for Siri voice commands on your Apple Watch. What does Raise to Speak mean on Apple Watch? The Siri Raise to Speak feature lets you give voice commands to your Apple Watch, just like Siri for iPhone!  

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  • Use Siri on your Apple Watch without saying "Hey, Siri". 
  • Set reminders, timers, and alarms; send messages; make calls; and much more with Siri on your Apple Watch. 

How to Enable & Use Apple Watch Raise to Speak for Siri

Starting with watchOS 5, you can raise your wrist and talk to Siri without saying, "Hey, Siri." If Siri's not working, or Raise to Speak is not working, you may need to activate Raise to Speak. We'll go over how to enable Apple Watch Raise to Speak, and how to use Siri and Raise to Speak on your Apple Watch. For more great Apple Watch tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day.

  1. Open the Settings app.

    apple watch settings
  2. Tap Siri.

    apple watch siri settings
  3. Toggle Raise to Speak on.

    toggle on raise to speak on apple watch
  4. Both "Hey Siri" and Raise to Speak can be on at the same time. Raise to Speak will require you to raise your wrist to activate the feature.
  5. The Raise to Speak feature will work from both the watch face and while an app is open. 
  6. Raise your wrist higher than you would to view your watch, close to your mouth. If you're having trouble, try bringing the Apple Watch closer to your mouth. 
  7. You don't have to say, "Hey, Siri," just start giving a voice command at a normal volume; whispering won't work. 

    talk to siri

Now you can use Raise to Speak with your Apple Watch and make Siri commands more discreetly. As a bonus, if you're a fan of spy movies, you'll look like you're relaying covert information instead of telling Siri to set a reminder! Also, don't worry; unless you have your watch very close to someone else's mouth, Siri won't react to Raise to Speak when other people are talking. If you enjoyed this tip, you may also want to learn how to text on an Apple Watch!

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