How to Share All Your Photos to the Shared Photo Library in iCloud (iOS 16)

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iOS 16 has a lot of new and exciting features that makes certain tasks convenient. One of those features is the iCloud Shared Photo Library. While the previous operating system already supports shared albums, the iCloud Shared Photo Library will now allow the people who you’re sharing to join you in managing and uploading folders as well as adding, deleting, and even editing shared photos. In this article, we will show you how to share all your photos into the iCloud Shared Photo Library.

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  • Easily share photos with family members and friends.
  • Allow participants to add, edit, or delete content.

Share All of Your Photos with iCloud Shared Photo Library

Unlike existing shared libraries, which are created in the Photos app, the iCloud Shared Photo Library is created through settings. 

Note: This tip only works if all of the contacts you invite are also iPhone users running iOS 16. If you need to share photos with non-Apple users, check out our guide on how to share iCloud photos with Android phones.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap on your Apple ID.

  3. Tap iCloud.

  4. Tap Photos.

  5. Tap Shared Library.

  6. Tap Start Setup.

  7. Tap Add Participants.

  8. Type in the names of the participants.

  9. Tap Add.

  10. Tap Continue.

  11. Tap All My Photos and Videos.

  12. Tap Continue.

  13. If desired, you can tap Preview Shared Library to view the photos. If not, tap Skip and Continue.

  14. If you have previewed the photos and are satisfied, tap Continue.

  15. Now, you can invite your friends via the Messages app or share a link to your Shared Photo Library.

    Invite contacts to Shared Photo Library
  16. Once you've invited your friends, choose whether to share all new photos you take to your Shared Photo Library or add them manually.

    Choose to share automatically or manually
  17. After you choose your sharing settings, tap Done.

    Tap Done

Once you've done these steps, the people that you add will be able to see your entire photo library. Now you know how to share all your photos to the iCloud Shared Photo Library! If you'd rather only share a curated selection of your photos, you can learn how to share photos manually.

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