How to Print without Ads from a Safari Webpage

Learn how to print page without ads from your iPhone or iPad in the Safari web browser.

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If you want to save an article or recipe on paper instead of on your iPhone, you'll probably want to print without ads. There's an easy way to do it, but you'll have to use a special setting to make it happen. We'll show you how to print webpages without ads the easy way!

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Why You'll Love This Tip

  • Print a clean copy of an article or recipe to make reading it easier.
  • Save paper when you print without ads.

How to Print from Safari: Print without Ads

When you want to print from Safari on an iPad or iPhone, you don't want a dozen pages of ads and extra content, you just want the article. Love tips for printing from your iPhone? Check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter for more! Here's how to print an article without ads in the Safari app:

  1. Start on the article or webpage that you want to print.
  2. Tap on the AA icon to the left of your address bar.

    Tap AA icon - Safari print without ads
  3. Tap Show Reader. If you're given the option to Hide Reader View, don't tap it, and skip to step 5 instead.

    Tap Reader View - Safari print without ads
  4. The AA icon should now be black, and the webpage should look simpler.
  5. Tap the Share icon at the bottom of your screen.

    Tap Share icon - Safari print without ads
  6. Scroll down and tap Print.

    Tap Print - Safari print without ads
  7. Select your printer and tap Print.

    Print - Safari print without ads

And voilà! You're now able to print without ads in Safari. Isn't it nice to have a shorter, more readable printed document?

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