How to Avoid Scams & Hacks in 2024

Did you know that U.S. consumers lost over $3.5 billion to online fraud in the first half of 2022? Password scammers and digital criminals will never stop trying to steal your personal information.

Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, iPhones are incredibly vulnerable to hackers and scammers? The same is true for Macs and iPads. Despite Apple's reputation for security and privacy, their devices are still very susceptible to cyber attacks and phishing scams.

That's why I'm excited to announce the new iPhone Life Privacy & Security Newsletter, focused on bringing you practical advice on how to keep your Apple products secure.This newsletter will help you stay up to date on:

  • Major Apple related security and privacy news and what you can do to protect yourself
  • Newly discovered vulnerabilities in Apple's operating systems and which of your devices require security patches
  • How to avoid the latest viruses and phishing scams

The iPhone Life Privacy & Security Newsletter will launch on August 28, produced by our very own tech educator and security expert Cullen Thomas.

This newsletter is only available to iPhone Life Insider subscribers. To celebrate the launch (and help you access this valuable information), we are offering a limited-time 30% discount for new subscribers! Plus, you can take off an additional 10% discount for seniors, veterans, and service personnel!

Save up to 40% on Insider and learn how to keep your Apple devices secure!

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