This Compatible Keyboard Comes in Pink, Black, Silver & Gold

Wireless keyboards are great because they leave your desk tangle-free! The Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard ($99) looks and feels like Apple made it, but more stylishly. Unlike the real thing, though, you can get Matias' version in silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold. Plus, the price tag makes it even more tempting, especially since it boasts a rechargeable one-year battery life!

Looking at the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard, it's easy to believe that it came included with your Mac purchase. Of course it will work seamlessly with your Mac, but you can also use it for your iPad, iPhone, Android, and even your Windows laptop or computer. Better yet, you can pair it with up to four Bluetooth devices to save time navigating between them.

Since the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard was designed with Macs in mind, it has all your favorite Mac-friendly function keys. This means that you can control your screen brightness, volume, and music without a fuss. However, all it takes is a quick tap on the fn key to use the keys traditionally if needed.

Due to its impressive one-year battery life, you never have to worry about this keyboard powering down or disconnecting to conserve power. The keyboard stays on and connected thanks to the rechargeable 1,600 mAh battery.

The gorgeous keyboard is very thin and surprisingly light, a perfect match for all your sleek devices. It is also effortless to transport, whether you are switching from one device to another or taking your office on the go. Enjoy simple luxuries at an affordable price with the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard.

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