How to Use Call Waiting in FaceTime


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Using call waiting with FaceTime is just as easy as it is with a regular phone call! When someone else calls you when you’re on FaceTime, you have options: End & Accept or Decline. If the calls are both FaceTime Audio (FaceTime without video) or one is a regular phone call, you'll be able to Hold & Accept.

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  • In this example, I'm already in a FaceTime call with Sarah. Rheanne is using FaceTime to contact me. If I select Decline, it will reject the incoming call (Rheanne) so I can continue talking to Sarah. If I select End & Accept to end the current call (Sarah), I will connect to the incoming call (Rheanne).

  • If you and everyone contacting you is using FaceTime Audio, or one person is using a regular call, you will also have the option Hold & Accept. Hold & Accept puts your current call on hold so you can return to it when you're finished with your new conversation. 

Using call waiting options in FaceTime is a great way to juggle multiple calls. Now you can use call waiting when you need to!

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