Apple’s Vision Pro Will Be Available in February 2024

Apple’s much-anticipated mixed reality headset will be available for purchase in just a few weeks! The Vision Pro is advertised as an AR headset, but it is more of a wearable Mac that will integrate with iCloud and have access to over 1 million apps. Despite the hefty $3,499 price tag, Apple is hoping that the Vision Pro will become as mainstream as an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Price & Release Date

The Vision Pro will cost $3,499 for 256GB of storage, with extra fees for ZEISS optical inserts for those who need eyeglasses. In the USA, optical inserts for reading glasses will cost $99, and prescription inserts will cost $149.

Apple’s Vision Pro will be available for pre-order in the USA starting Friday, January 19th. It will be available for purchase on February 2nd. To learn more about Apple's newest products and features, don't forget to check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

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What to Consider When Shopping for the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first new product type since the Apple Watch launched in 2015. This mixed reality headset is focused on productivity, letting you safely navigate your home while simultaneously working, with apps, browser tabs, or even movies playing in virtual environments across your field of vision. Apple has even announced that the Vision Pro app store has over 1 million apps designed with the headset in mind, to give you plenty to do on your new spatial computer.

Because it is a brand-new product, skeptics worry that the first model will be glitchy and not as great as expected, just like the first-ever iPhone and Apple Watch. However, Apple is known to fine-tune any kinks before releasing new products and features, and since the release of the Vision Pro has not been delayed, we hope that the product will be worth the hype. Read more about Vision Pro's specs and abilities, and let us know whether you're interested in the product in the comments below.

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