Different Types of Articles

Check out these regular magazine sections to learn the kinds of articles our readers are interested in. For information on themes of upcoming issues, please refer to our Write for Us form.


Arguably our readers’ most coveted section, iNews delivers the latest in emerging iOS products and industry trends. This category can include articles on rumors or murmurings of new products, commentaries on Apple hardware or software, or well-researched coverage of market trends and news. For research-based articles, we encourage authors to use at least 2 primary sources. Some of our authors use ProfNet.com, which connects journalists and freelancers with expert sources.

Life + Tech

This section is well suited to writers who enjoy writing about people. Share stories of unique individuals and how they live their lives using iDevices.

Best Apps

We regularly feature app reviews as well as app roundups, which compare a selection of related apps, such as "Top 10 New Multiplayer Games." We ask writers to choose apps they’ve used for a while, so they’ll be able to give more practical advice.

Please rank the apps using a 5-star rating system, based on functionality, design, and ease of use. While we encourage you to outline the apps’ strengths and weaknesses, make sure to remain honest yet respectful. If an app has no redeeming qualities, we don’t want to waste time or space reviewing it.

Great Gear

Our readers’ source for roundups and reviews of the best cases, stands, speakers, or any other physical products made for use with iOS devices. As with Best Apps, please assign the product a ranking of up to 5 stars.

Tips and Tricks

A tip is a short “How To” article on a little-known capability or feature of an iOS device. For example, a tip about tapping on icons to launch an application would be too obvious, unless you had discovered an unusual feature associated with that. Generally, tips are less than 200 words.

At Work

This section highlights how professionals use Apple products to aid them in the workplace. Stories can focus on an individual, or look more broadly at how iOS devices are changing a company or industry.

Creating Great Apps and Gear

Written by developers and industry experts, these stories give the average reader a behind-the-scenes look at how apps and gear come into being.