Surviving College with My iPod touch

I'm a sophomore at San Francisco State University, and I'm having the time of my life. I play water polo, do a lot of rock climbing, and am completely hooked on my MacBook and my iPod touch (a.k.a., "iTouch"). Since getting my iTouch, I don't think I could survive without it.

Taking notes, late papers, and deadlines

San Francisco State is a wireless campus and I can access my e-mail anywhere I go. This helps a lot if I forget to turn in a paper. With my iTouch and Apple's MobileMe service, I can access my desktop computer's documents and e-mail the required document to the professor, from wherever I am on campus.

I can't wait to see how useful my iTouch will be during the next school year. With its ability to take notes as well as create reminders, I can hopefully eliminate some of the late papers. If I create enough notes and alarms, I'll never forget a deadline again.

Staying on top of my personal life

I have also resorted to using the Notes app on my iTouch to write down my grocery lists. I feel so "stylin" when I pull it out in the store to see what I need. I stopped making lists a while back because I always ended up losing them. I mean, what's the point? But I make lists for everything now, and they're waiting for me on my iTouch. And since it is practically attached to my hand (as my friends tease me) I'll never lose another list.

Screenshot of the iPhone Notes appI use the Notes app for taking brief class
notes, shopping lists (shown here), and more.

The iTouch has also become my daily planner and address book. I have a strange love of writing and receiving snail mail, but sometimes had a hard time keeping track of mailing addresses. Now, everything's in Contacts on my iTouch. I no longer have to call my friends to get their address so I can mail them a letter.

It's also nice to be able to watch movies and YouTube videos when I have some time to kill. Whether I'm waiting for friends, or for class to start, it's fantastic to have something to do besides stare into space.


YouTube screenshot

The YouTube app keeps me entertained
when I have some time to kill.

Finally, I love to show friends photos I've taken with my digital camera. Before getting the iTouch, I had to carry my digital camera around and show the photos on its tiny screen. Now, I load them all onto my iTouch and show them to friends on its large, color screen—a definite improvement.

I never noticed how many iPods and iPhones there were on campus until I got one. Now, it seems like everyone I pass is wearing ear buds and listening to music or watching a video on an iPod or iPhone. It's definitely become a major part of life on a college campus

October 2008 (Premier Issue)
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