iPhone Life has broad appeal

My non-tech wife is leafing through my copy of iPhone Life; she says, “I’m not a tech person, but now that I see there’s a health and fitness section, I may have to take a closer look at the iPhone.” Congratulations! I think you’ve got something with broad appeal here.

Joel Evans

Publishing dates for the rest of the year

Thank you for this awesome magazine—great job! I went ahead and subscribed about a week and a half ago and was wondering when I should be expecting the next issue in the mail.

Glenn Anton

Glenn: Thanks for the kind words. This issue was mailed out to subscribers on March 20. Below are the mail-out dates for the rest of the year:

  • Summer ’09 issue—June 9
  • Fall ’09 issue—September 1
  • Winter '09 issue—November 24

Those who picked this issue up on the newsstands can 
subscribe by visiting our Web site (

Loves BeatMaker

I don’t read a lot of magazines anymore, but I just put in a Christmas request for a subscription to iPhone Life. Best of luck to you guys!

I’m an IT director, and I’ve discovered that many users are not aware of the power of this device. Most are not even aware of the basic features of the phone and how to get them. An article covering this topic would be a great addition to a future issue.

BeatMAkerI would also like to recommend BeatMaker ($19.99), one of the best titles available on the App Store. BeatMaker is a “mobile music creation studio” for midi music junkies. I am amazed at the level of functionality this app provides. I think it deserves a full-featured review.

Keep up the good work! The direction that mobile devices are headed in is the most exciting thing to come along in years!

Shea Davidson

BeatMaker is an amazing mobile music creation studio.


Thorough coverage—excellent magazine

I am not a big fan of U.S. magazines, but I found iPhone Life to be excellent! Your coverage was very thorough. Apple should sell this in their stores—it would sell the iPhone for them. I look forward to the next issue and have e-mailed Borders to see if they will stock it here in the U.K. Thanks again!

Lee Blewitt

Borders in the UK should stock it. However, we recommend you subscribe to iPhone Life. We send subscriptions thoughout the world. Alternatively, to save on postage, you can order the Zinio (digital) edition.


App reviews and tips helpful

I found the reviews of apps valuable. They allowed me to select some apps that helped me in my work and personal life. I also appreciated the tips section, particularly the one about speeding up typing with keyboard shortcuts. If future issues are as helpful as the first, my investment in a subscription will certainly be worthwhile.

David Housholder


Not a “Mac-bound” pub!

I think you have put together a high class publication. I have been an IT professional for the past 40 years and really appreciate the thought and effort exhibited in the pages of iPhone Life. I have been working with mainframes and Windows PCs most of my life, and I particularly appreciate that the information you present is written for those of us who are not “Mac bound.” Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Michael Hackett


Perfect timing

Thanks for a perfectly timed magazine. Of the eight different magazine subscriptions we receive, your previous publication, Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine, was always the one I most anticipated. iPhone Life may even be better.

Ken Burkhalter



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