Apps and Accessories Fit For a Female

Being a woman in my late twenties, I like my tech gadgets to be fashionable, yet I also expect them to be functional, intuitive, and worth every penny I pay for them. Thankfully, there are many accessories and apps that suit my lifestyle, and don’t compromise substance for style. Have a peek at some of my selections below.


Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones


AtomicBassLooking for some superb, well fitting earphones that are not only totally trendy, but affordable? Check out the Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones for the iPhone. They include a microphone, so they can be used for phone calls, and they provide crystal clear sound quality and impressive bass output. They ship with three different-sized pairs of silicone ear pieces, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit—even if you have a smaller ear canal. In terms of quality and style, the Atomic Bass Earphones are on par with $150 competitors. They are available in silver, pink, black, and red.

IncaseSliderA little celebrity news

When she’s not chasing around her eight little ones, Kate Gosselin (of Jon and Kate Plus 8) can often be spotted with her iPhone 3GS adorned in a case that’s just about as wild as her haircut—a fluorescent pink Incase Fluro Slider ($34.95; This hard-shell, protective, plastic case is 1 mm thick, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra bulk to your iPhone. And it lets you access all of your iPhone’s controls and ports, so you can keep it on your device 24/7! You can also pick up the Fluro case in lime green or orange. (A review of the Slider is in “Protect your iPhone,” page 50.)

Favorite, fun apps

When it comes to iPhone apps, I do have my favorites. Most of them are for play, but the ones that I really enjoy are the ones that provide services and simplify my life. Here are some of my personal favorites—perfect for any iPhone-obsessed female!

Make shopping eaiser; organize your wardrobe; avoid laundry accidents; and more.
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