How to Delete Old iCloud Backups & Free Up More Storage Space on iPhone

 How to Delete Old Backups in iCloud to Free Up Storage

If you’ve recently upgraded your iPhone, you’ve probably noticed that your older iOS device still appears on iCloud’s list of backups. These old iCloud backups could be taking up a lot of unnecessary storage space and don’t do you any good either. All the documents, data, and settings you need backed up for your new iPhone are already saved in your iCloud account if you've been backing up your new device regularly. Here’s how to delete those old iCloud backups and clear more iCloud storage space!

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How to Delete Old iCloud Backups & Free Up More Storage Space on iPhone

Let's get started clearing those old device backups to make more storage space for your current iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on your name at the top.
icloud backupdocuments and data iphone
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Tap on Manage Storage.
storage space cleanermore storage space
  • Now tap on Backups.
how to clear icloud storage

Under Backups, you’ll see a list of all the devices you have backed up to iCloud. If you have backups from an older iPhone, it will be listed here as well. You can get rid of backups from older devices without affecting the backups of your newer ones. To delete it:

  • Tap on the name of the device you no longer want to be backed up.
  • Now tap Delete Backup.
how to delete from icloudhow to delete from icloud
  • Tap Turn Off & Delete to complete the process.
  • Now your iPhone will return to the Backups menu, and the backups for your old device will be gone.
delete icloud backup manage icloud
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