How to Tag Contacts in a Group Chat on Your iPhone (New for iOS 14)

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Learn how to make sure you get someone's attention when you want them to see a message in a group chat. Sometimes you want to make sure a particular person or people within a group chat sees your message to the group. With iOS 14, Apple has added the ability to tag contacts in a group text, so you can make sure someone gets notified whenever you mention them in the chat. Let's get started learning how to tag a contact in a group chat, including a few important details to keep in mind.

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How to Use Tagged Chat Contacts to Reduce Annoying Group Text Notifications

We've written several articles about how to use the group chat feature on your iPhone, including how to add someone to a group text and how to leave a group chat on your iPhone. We've also gone over how to turn off notifications for a group chat. Here's how to tag contacts in your group chat so they get notified of your text. 

There are a few things to remember about this iOS 14 feature:

  • This only works if everyone in the group chat is using an Apple device.
  • The person you tag must already be included in the group chat.
  • You can tag more than one person in a message.
  • You can hide alerts for a group message and still receive tagged alerts.
  • If you turn on Do Not Disturb or disable all Message notifications, you won't receive tagged message alerts.  
  1. Open the Messages app, then open the group chat where you'd like to tag a contact. 
  2. When composing your message, type the @ symbol before the name of the contact you want to tag, with no space between the symbol and the name.

    tag a contact in a group messagessend arrow in messages app
  3. Once you type a space after the contact name, it will turn blue to indicate the tag is successful. 
  4. Once you finish your message, hit the Send icon as usual.
  5. Your contact will receive a notification and can respond to your message within the group text. 

    individual tagged in group text respondstagged group message notification

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