How to Save & Share a Location from Apple Maps on iPhone & iPad

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We've probably all had the experience of finding a cool new restaurant or amazing bookstore, only to struggle to remember which block it was on when we try to go back. Apple Maps is a native iPhone and iPad app that I haven't come close to fully exploring, but I just learned that I can not only save a location in Maps but also share it! Now, when I find an art supply store or vintage boutique that I know a friend will love, I can easily send its exact address directly from my Maps app, so friends and family can find it too. Let's get started learning how to share addresses from Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad. 

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For those readers who live in or travel to New Jersey, I'm going to share the location of the best thrift store I've ever found; you should go! Now, to save and share an address in your Maps app on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Maps app.
  • Enter the address of the place you'd like to share or find it in your Favorites.

how to send location on iphoneshare location iphone

  • If you don't know the address, you can enter the name and Apple Maps will give you a selection of locations; it's not guaranteed that the place you're looking for will be included, but so far Maps has never failed me!
  • Tap on the location and an address card and map will pop up.

how to share location on iphonemy location

  • Now, swipe up on the address card and tap the Share icon.

  • You have a choice of methods for sharing this location; Messages, Mail, Facebook Messenger, and more. Choose one.

location mapiphone favorites

  • Tap Send, and you've shared the Apple Maps information about the location you selected
  • If you'd like to save this location in Apple Maps, just tap Favorite on the address card. Now, you'll be able to easily find the address again whenever you need it.

how to save location on apple mapshow to favorite a location on maps

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