How to Log Your State of Mind on Apple Watch (watchOS 10)

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A cool new feature Apple has added to the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch is State of Mind. This feature allows you to log your mood throughout the day or log your mood for the whole day at once. Say goodbye to other mood-tracking apps because this new option from the Mindfulness app is convenient, easy to use, and also quite pretty. I'll show you how.

Why You'll Love This Tip:

  • Log your mood throughout the day with the new State of Mind feature on Apple Watch.
  • Track changes in your mood over time to help identify the factors affecting your mood.
  • Access your mood data and information directly from the Health app.

How to Log Your State of Mind

System Requirements

This tip works on iPhones running iOS 17 or later and Apple Watches running watchOS 10 or later. Find out how to update to iOS 17.

Before watchOS 10, the Mindfulness app mostly reminded you to breathe or to meditate for a few seconds. With the new State of Mind feature, you can do even more with the Mindfulness app. We've already shown you how to track your moods on your iPhone, but this feature is even more helpful on Apple Watch. Since your device is always attached to you, it will make it easier to log your mood at any given time. If you like being in the know about Apple's latest software releases, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day!

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  1. On your Apple Watch, open Mindfulness.

    mental health tracker
  2. Tap State of Mind.

    apple watch mental health tracking
  3. If it's your first time using the feature, you will be prompted with instructions. Tap Get Started.

    apple watch stress monitor
  4. Choose to either Log How You're Feeling Right Now or Log How You've Felt Overall Today.

    mood tracker feelings
  5. You will be shown an animation. Turn the dial on the Digital Crown to adjust the animation to fit your mood. 

    does apple watch measure stress
  6. Spinning the dial up will create a more positive mood.

    habit tracker apple watch
  7. While spinning the dial down will create a more negative mood.

    mood tracking apps
  8. When you're done, tap the check.

    emotions and feelings app
  9. Then, you will be prompted with an optional selection of emotions that best describe your feeling for greater detail.

    my mood tracker app
  10. Then, it will ask what specific thing is having the greatest impact on you.

    mindfulness tracker
  11. When you are done, it will show you a confirmation that your data has been logged.

    apple health mental health
  12. Lastly, you may be asked whether you'd like to set up daily reminders to log your mood. If you select this option, your Apple Watch will ping you to log your state of mind once or twice a day (which can be annoying, so if you don't like being notified during times when you may be otherwise busy, I'd suggest skipping this).

    mood tracking app

To find the data that you've been logging, simply go to the Health app on your iPhone and tap Show All Health Data. Your State of Mind stats will be displayed there, and you can also add an entry directly from your iPhone. I love this new feature and can't wait to make it a daily habit! If you don't want notifications, find out how to turn off State of Mind on your iPhone.

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