How to Create Your Own Apple Maps Guides

Create and share a collection of your favorite local restaurants or make a personalized travel guide for your next vacation.

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If you're planning a big trip or a busy weekend, you can use the Apple Maps Guide feature to create a list of the places you'd like to go, sort of like having a personal handheld travel guide. You can also save other important locations like nearby stores or restaurants, the airport, and hotels. When I travel, I like to use my guides to organize my trip, so I can plan to visit landmarks, shops, and restaurants in a specific part of the city on one day, and a different part of the city the next. 

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How to Create a Guide in Apple Maps

We've gone over how to save and share a location from Apple Maps, now learn how to save multiple locations in Apple Maps in your own personalized guide! Using guides also helps me to plan my walking routes, so I can spend less time traveling from place to place, and more time sightseeing landmarks. For more great iPhone tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day.

    1. Open the Maps app.

      Open the Maps app
    2. Swipe up on the gray card that appears over the map view.

      Swipe up on card
    3. Next to the My Guides section, tap See All.  

      See All
    4. Tap New Guide.

      New Guide
    5. Enter a title for your Guide and tap Create.

      Name and Create
    6. To begin adding locations to your guide, tap Add a Place.

      Add a Place
    7. Enter your desired location into the search bar. Tap the blue plus sign next to the location you want to save.

      add to guide
    8. Tap Done to return to your guide.

      Tap Done
    9. To edit your Guide, swipe up on the gray bar at the top of the card.

      Swipe up on card
    10. Tap the blue plus sign in the bottom corner to add a location. Alternatively, you can tap the share icon to share your guide, or tap Edit to make changes.

      Share, add, or edit
    11. You can also swipe left on a specific location to share or delete that location.

      swipe left

    Now you can open your guide and quickly get directions to any of the locations with Apple Maps.

    Occasionally, I’ll find a Guide where I’m interested in only one or two of the recommendations. In this case, I can tap the blue plus sign next to the destination and add it to one of my own Guides. Much like saving a favorite picture to a specific photo album, this shortcut allows you to only save locations you are highly interested in, which makes for easier reference down the line. Finally, if you're interested in learning a fun new way to explore in Maps, you can also learn how to view the interactive globe. And if you're planning a road trip, you can also learn how to change arrival and departure times in Apple Maps so you can find the best time to leave and avoid traffic.

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