How to Quickly Find the Right Emoji for Your iPhone Messages (Updated for iOS 14)

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Using predictive text to add iPhone emojis, or using the emoji keyboard, lets you customize your messages with symbols like a kiss, a shrug, a thumbs up, a heart, a smiley face, and even a red-headed emoji. When you type a message in an app that uses your iPhone keyboard, like Messages or Notes, your phone will suggest iOS emoji that you can tap to add to your text. Here's how to quickly find and use the perfect emoji for your text message.

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How to Add Emojis to Texts & Messages on the iPhone with Predictive Text

Most of the time, with the Predictive keyboard turned on, your iPhone will suggest the emoji you want without any extra work on your part. But on the rare occasion predictive text isn't serving up the right emoji, you can also use the emoji search function to find the emoji you want, and then tap back into the text box to continue typing.

  1. Make sure your Predictive keyboard turned on. Open your iPhone's Settings app and tap General, then tap Keyboard
  2. Make sure that Predictive is toggled on. If you don't enjoy this feature, you can always turn it off again.

    enable predictive emojitoggle on predictive emoji
  3. The fastest way to find an emoji is to type a word and allow predictive text to suggest an emoji associated with that word.
  4. Suggested emojis appear in the horizontal menu below the text message. 

  5. To replace a word with an emoji, tap on the suggested emoji before adding a space after the word.
  6. If you want to follow a word with a suggested emoji, add a space after the word and then tap the emoji.

    replace word with ios emojiuse emojis in text messages
  7. If you want to add your emojis all at once, type the entire message and then tap the emoji or globe icon in the bottom left of your keyboard.

    tap the emoji or globe icon to show emoji options
  8. Some of the words in your text will be highlighted. Those words have emojis associated with them.
  9. Tap any of the highlighted words to replace them with an emoji.

    tap the highlighted word to replace with emojitext replaced by emoji on iphone
  10. Some words have multiple associated emojis, so when you tap the word, you’ll have several emojis to choose from.
  11. Be choosy about using emojis; sometimes, replacing a word with an emoji doesn't look right!

    apple emoji options

Enjoy messaging without spending so much time trying to find the right emoji!

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