How to Post a Live Photo on Facebook from iPhone

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You can post Live Photos on Facebook, but you have to turn the Live Photo into a video or GIF first. (Instagram also supports these formats). Once you’ve turned your Live Photo into a video or GIF, you can share live images on social media.

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  • Share your favorite Live Photos on social media as a video or GIF.
  • Don't lose out on the fun moments Live Photos capture when posting to Facebook.

How to Post Live Pictures on Facebook

Can you put a Live Photo on Facebook? Yes, but you'll need to convert it to a video or a GIF first in order to see the movement. We'll go over how to turn the Live Photo into a video and then post it to Facebook. If you want to post a GIF of your Live Photo to Facebook, learn how to turn a Live Photo into a GIF. Once you've converted from Live Photo to video or GIF format, you can post the image to Facebook.  For more great Live Photo and social media tutorials, like how to fix Instagram crashing on iPhone, check out our free Tip of the Day

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  1. On your iPhone, open the Photos app.

    how can i add a photo to a facebook post
  2. Tap Albums.

    how to post live photos on facebook
  3. Tap Live Photos.

    facebook live image
  4. Select the photo you want to post to Facebook.

    how to post live photo on facebook
  5. Tap the three dots in the top right.

    how to post a live photo on facebook
  6. Tap Save as Video.

    how to post live photos on fb
  7. Go back to your Library.

    how to post a live photo
  8. Find the original image in your camera roll. The video should be right next to it. Tap the new video.

    how to loop live photos
  9. Tap the Share button.

    how do i post live photos on facebook
  10. To find Facebook, you may need to tap the More button on the Share Sheet.

    Tap More
  11. Tap Facebook.

    how to post live photos to facebook
  12. From here, you'll be asked where on Facebook you want to post the video. Tap Feed to post to the Facebook feed.

    how do you post a live photo on facebook
  13. Add a caption if you like, and then tap Post.

    how do i upload photos from iphone to facebook

Now, you can sit back and let the likes roll in. Next, learn how to screen share using Facebook Messenger!

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