How to Move a Note into a Folder in the Notes App

The Notes app is a convenient tool for everything from planning projects to writing down random thoughts to explore later. What I like about the Notes app is the ability group related notes by putting them in folders. Sometimes I'll make a note and later realize it's in the wrong folder. Other times I won't put the note in a folder and it will end up in the general Notes folder by default. The Notes app has a simple way to move a note from one folder into another, or to start a new folder entirely. 

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  • Tap on the Notes app. If needed, use the upper left arrow to return to the main screen, which will have Folders at the top in bold.

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  • Depending on your settings, you'll see headers such as iCloud (for notes accessible in iCloud), On My iPhone (for notes stored locally on your phone), or Gmail or other email accounts.

  • Tap the main folder, such as All iCloud, or the subfolder your note is in. In this example, the note I want to transfer is in the Notes folder.

  • Tap Edit on the upper right corner.
  • Then tap the circle to the left of your note.

  • Now tap Move To... in the lower left corner.

  • Now select into which folder you want to move the note. On this screen you can also choose to create a New Folder.

And now you are better able to organize your notes in folders!

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