Google Search Not Working? Fix It Fast on iPhone & iPad (iOS 17)

What to Know

  • Google not showing search results? Close and reopen the app, and make sure your internet connection is working.
  • Google results not showing up still? Make sure the app is updated, and reboot your iPhone.
  • You can also toggle Airplane mode on and off, clear the app cache, or uninstall and reinstall the Google app.

If a Google search is not working in the Google app or the Google Chrome app, you may get an error message like, "Unfortunately Google Search has stopped working", or "The request was not performed because there was no connectivity". Here's how to fix things when Google is not showing web results. 

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Google Search Not Working? Fix It Fast on the iPhone & iPad

There are a few easy things you can do to fix things when Google won't show search results. First, close the Google app and reopen it to see if Google search is working again. Next, update the Google app, and update iOS and iPadOS. If these steps haven't gotten Google search to work, read on. Sign up for our free Tip of the Day for more Google search and Chrome app tutorials. 

Is Airplane Mode On?

Airplane mode disables all wireless and cellular signals from your iPad or iPhone. To make sure your iPad or iPhone isn't in AirPlane mode:

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Open the Control Center, and make sure the Airplane Mode button is gray, not orange. You can also turn Airplane mode on, leave it a few seconds, then turn it off again and see if your Google search is working.

make sure airplane mode is off if google search not working

Check Your Wi-Fi & Cellular Data Connection

You need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to do a Google search on your iPhone. So, make sure your internet connection is working by using a different app or feature to see if they're still able to connect and work as usual. You can also check your connection using iPhone icons.

Look at the top-right corner of your screen. The icon to the far right shows your battery percentage; to the left of that is your Wi-Fi connection, and to the left of the Wi-Fi icon is your cellular connection. The more white bars in your cellular and Wi-Fi icons, the stronger your iPhone's connection. 

make sure cellular data and wifi connected

Clear the Google App Cache

If the Google app has too much data cached, or that data is corrupted, it can cause glitches like Google search results not showing up. Here's how to clear the data cache from the Google app, or the Google Chrome app.

Note: This will clear out any usernames and passwords not saved to your iCloud Keychain. So, make sure you have that info written down or in your iCloud Keychain before clearing your Google cache.

  1. Open the Google or Google Chrome app and tap the More icon.

    open the google or google chrome app and tap the more icon
  2. Tap Clear Browsing Data.

    tap clear browsing data
  3. Tap Clear Browsing Data to confirm.

    tap clear browsing data in google or google chrome

Uninstall & Reinstall Google Chrome

If you've tried all the previous steps and Google doesn't show results still, it's time to uninstall the Google or Google Chrome app, then reinstall the app

delete and reinstall google if google search not working


  • Why are none of my Google searches working? Your internet connection may be down or slow, or you may need to check various iPad or iPhone settings, clear the 
  • Is Google down right now? If you're using the Chrome browser, check the Google Workspace Status Dashboard to know for sure. 

By now, Google searches should be working for you again. If you found this troubleshooting article helpful, be sure to check back here at iPhone Life. 

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