How to Make a Group FaceTime Call with Siri (2023)

The easiest way to FaceTime more than one person at the same time is to let Siri do the work for you.

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Ever since the iOS 14.5 update, you've been able to initiate group FaceTime audio and video calls with Siri! This saves you the trouble of having to sort through your contacts to find the right group members. We'll show you how to start an Apple FaceTime group call by listing the names of multiple people or by saying a group name that's saved in your contacts.

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How to Use Siri to Make a FaceTime Group Call on Your iPhone

If you don't typically use Siri, I recommend checking to make sure "Hey Siri" is enabled on your iPhone first, and then you can use the following steps to initiate a group FaceTime call. Love FaceTime and other iPhone tips? Sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter to see more!

  1. To start a group FaceTime call, simply say, "Hey Siri, make a FaceTime call to [Person 1] and [Person 2] etc. etc."

    Make a facetime call to multiple people with siri
  2. You can also use a group name from your messages or contacts by saying, "Hey Siri, make a FaceTime call to [Group Name]."

    make a facetime call to a group with siri
  3. Siri will then start a group FaceTime call with each contact listed in that contact group.

    hey siri make a facetime call to the name of your group
  4. To specify a group FaceTime call with audio only, say "Hey Siri, start a FaceTime audio call to [Group or Contact Names]."

    make a facetime audio call to a group with siri

It's important to say the name of the person or group as it is saved in your Contacts app. Otherwise, Siri will not be able to find the person to call and will ask again. If this happens, simply repeat the name as it is listed in your Contacts, and Siri will launch the FaceTime call.

It's great to not have to go searching through your contacts for multiple people; you can have Siri do all the work for you instead!

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