How to Find iPhone Featured Photos in the Photos App

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  • To find a photo from iPhone Featured Photos, just tap the album name at the top of the image and it will take you to that location.
  • If you want to navigate from a Featured Photo on your Lock Screen, tap Customize, tap Lock Screen, tap the More icon on the bottom right, and tap Show in Photo Library.

If you see a photo you like in your Feature Photos on your iPhone and want to locate it in an album or your Photos app, it's possible, but still a little tricky to find. Here are two ways to find Featured Photos in your camera roll or albums.

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How to Access iPhone Lock Screen Photos in Photos App

Have you ever looked at a photo on your Lock Screen displayed in a photo shuffle and wanted to find it in your Photo Library? Maybe you want to remember when and where it was taken, share it on social media, or see other photos from the same event. Finding these photos is possible but not super intuitive. Here's how to find Featured Photos from your Lock Screen in your Photos app.

  1. Long press on the Lock Screen photo you want to locate in your Photos app.

    iphone featured photos
  2. Tap Customize.

    featured photos
  3. Tap Lock Screen.

    featured photo
  4. Tap the three dots on the bottom right of the screen.

    iphone lock screen photos
  5. Tap Show in Photo Library.

    photo lock screen
  6. You'll be taken to that photo's location in your Photo Library.

    featured photos iphone

How to Find iPhone Featured Photos in Your Photo Library

Now, if you see something you like in your Featured Photos display in your Photos app, the process is a little different. Here's what to do:

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  1. Tap on the photo in your Featured Photo reel that you want to locate in your Photo Library.

    featured photos iphone
  2. The album name will be displayed on the top right, next to the meta data such as location and date it was taken. In this case, it's All Photos. Tap that.

    iphone featured photos
  3. You'll be taken to its location in the Photo Library. It won't automatically open, so if you want to interact with it further, tap on it.

    featured photos

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  • How do I find Featured Photos on my iPhone? Your Featured Photos are found in the For You tab in your Photos app. To find an individual Featured Photo in your Photo Library, tap the photo location displayed on the top of the screen (such as All Photos) and you'll be taken to that spot.
  • What is the meaning of Featured Photos? Featured Photos are photos that your iPhone decides to display in some manner, such as in your For You tab or in a photo shuffle on your Lock Screen.
  • Where is my iPhone Photo Library? You can find every photo stored on your iPhone or iCloud (if enabled) by opening your Photos app and tapping the Library tab on the bottom left of the screen.
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