How to Use iCloud Keychain to Create Unique, Strong Passwords for All Your Accounts

Keychain, the iCloud password manager, helps you create strong, unique passwords and store them so you don't have to remember each one.

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This article will tell you how to create and save website passwords on your iPhone using iCloud Keychain. Using the same password for more than one account risks the security of both accounts that use it. That's where iCloud Keychain comes in. We'll show you how use your iPhone's built-in password manager to find duplicate passwords and replace each one with a unique, strong password using Apple's strong password generator. For even more convenience, the iCloud password manager will save the new keychain password on your iPhone and autofill it whenever it's needed. Here's how to get rid of every old, weak password and use Apple's password suggestions to create unique and secure passwords instead.

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How to Use iCloud Keychain to Eliminate Duplicate Passwords 

Before you begin making sure your passwords are secure, make sure you have iCloud Keychain enabled.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Passwords.

  3. You'll see a section called Security Recommendations and a number next to it. These are the passwords your iPhone has recognized as duplicates and/or weak and recommends you change. Tap on it to open the list.
  4. For any account whose password you want to update, tap Change Password on Website. (NOTE: You must go to the website or app to create a new password. Changing the password in the Account & Passwords settings won't change the password on the account website. It will just delete the password, and you'll be locked out of your account.)

  5. Log in to the website and follow the directions to change your password.
  6. Tap Choose My Own Password, or tap Use Strong Password, and Apple will generate one for you.
  7. Tap Save to change your password to the one you created or Apple's strong password.

    make your own password or choose a strong password from applesave your new password
  8. If prompted, tap Update Password to save it to your Keychain. Not every site will give you this prompt; some will auto save.
  9. When you navigate back to your Security Recommendations, there will be a check by that site, showing you now have a strong, unique password for it.

Now, you can repeat this process for every duplicate password, so all your accounts are more secure. If you don't like what you came up with, you can always change your email password on your iPhone.

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