How to Eliminate Duplicate Passwords with Apple's Password Manager

If you're worried about reusing the same password for multiple accounts, Apple's iCloud Keychain password manager now has a tool to strengthen your password security. In the Settings app, you can now check your passwords for any exclamation point icons. The exclamation points indicate accounts that have a shared password. Here's how to get rid of the old weak passwords and use Apple's password suggestions to create a unique and secure password instead.

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  • Tap on the Settings app on the Home screen.

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  • Scroll down to click on Passwords & Accounts.

  • Tap on Website & App Passwords.

  • Tap on any accounts you see with an exclamation point icon.

  • Tap Change Password on Website. (NOTE: You must go to the website or app to create a new password. Changing the password in the Account & Passwords settings won't change the password on the account website. It will just delete the password and you'll be locked out of your account.)

  • Log in to the website and follow the directions to change your password. Enter a new password or follow Apple's suggestion for a strong password.

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