How to Delete a Playlist from Your iPhone

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Creating and sharing playlists on my iPhone is one of my favorite things. However, old playlists tend to pile up. Before you know it, you’ve got fifty playlists and about five that you actually listen to. If it’s starting to get out of hand, then you'll want to know how to delete a Spotify playlist on the iPhone, as well as how to delete a YouTube Music playlist and an Apple Music playlist.

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    If you're interested in learning more about the features on your music apps, consider signing up for our free Tip of the Day. Now, here's how to quickly remove playlists from some of your iPhone's most popular music apps:

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    How to Delete a Playlist on Spotify

    This music app has been the favorite listening experience for many people, with fun features that allow you to listen offline and create radio stations from playlists. The steps below will walk you through how to delete a Spotify playlist on your iPhone. 

    1. Open the Spotify App.

      Select the Spotify app on your Home screen to open

    2. Tap Your Library on the bottom of the screen, then select the playlist you wish to delete.

      Select the Spotify playlist you want to delete

    3. To edit the Spotify playlist, tap the three dots across from the Play button.

      Tap the three dots to edit the Spotify playlist on your iPhone

    4. Tap Delete Playlist.

      Select Delete Playlist to remove the Spotify playlist from your iPhone

    5. A pop-up window will appear. Tap Delete to confirm.

      Confirm you want to remove the Spotify playlist

    How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube Music

    Whether you're shifting taste in music or simply clearing clutter, here are the steps for how to remove a playlist from your YouTube Music account. (For songs you still enjoy, you can also download full playlists from YouTube with a premium account.)

    1. Open the YouTube Music App.

      Tap the YouTube Music app on your Home screen to open.

    2. Select Playlists from the Home screen.

      Select the Playlist view on your YouTube Music App.

    3. Select the three dots next to the playlist you wish to delete.

      Select the three dots next to your YouTube Music playlist to edit

    4. Tap Delete Playlist.

      Select Delete Playlist to remove from your YouTube Music app.

    This will remove the playlist from your YouTube Music account. 

    How to Delete a Playlist on Apple Music

    Follow the steps below to delete your Apple Music playlist.

    1. Open the Music App.

      Select the Music App from your home screen.

    2. Select the Library tab at the bottom of your screen, and tap Playlists at the top.

      Select Library and Playlists view in the Apple Music app.

    3. Tap the playlist you want to delete.

      Tap the Apple Music playlist to select it.

    4. To edit your playlist, tap the three dots at the top of the screen. From the pop-up menu, select Delete from Library

      Select the Delete from Library option from the Apple Music menu.

    5. Select Delete Playlist.

      Tap Delete Playlist to confirm removal from Apple Music

    That’s it! Your playlist has been deleted from all of your devices connected by the same Apple ID. Although the playlist has been removed from your Apple Music Library, you will still be able to access the songs (and even add them to new playlists).

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