You Don't Need A Mirror App! How to Use Your iPhone + Best iPhone Mirror Apps

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If you've ever found yourself checking your teeth or applying lipstick in the reflection of your iPhone screen or if you've ever considered downloading an iPhone mirror app, this tip is for you. There isn’t a built-in iPhone mirror app, but using your front-facing Camera app will do the trick. We’ll go over how to use your iPhone as a mirror. And in case you absolutely insist on downloading a mirror app for iPhone, I’ve got two great free mirror apps for you too.

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How to Use Your iPhone as a Mirror

This tip is very obvious and simple, but I'm sharing it anyway because I'm against having useless or unnecessary apps on my phone. And a mirror app is definitely unnecessary! For my needs, using the Camera app on iPhone as my mirror app is perfectly sufficient. Here’s how to use your Camera app as a mirror app on iPhone:

  • Open your camera (the fastest way is through control center).

  • Tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner to switch to the front camera.

  • Look, it's you!

The only downside of using the camera on iPhone as your mirror app is the lack of zoom. You can move your face closer to the iPhone to get a close up for checking teeth or putting on lipstick. If you need a mirror on iPhone that can zoom in, I’ll show you the best free mirror apps for iPhone below.

Best iPhone Mirror Apps

If you must download an actual mirror app for iPhone, there are a couple options. The free mirror apps I’m featuring are my favorite. It’s simple and does exactly what it needs to: uses the front-facing camera on your iPhone as a mirror, then allows you to easily zoom in for a closer look. The top two free mirror apps for iPhone are:

@Mirror (Free)

Makeup Mirror (Free)

There are subtle differences between these two mirror apps but either will work great for your needs. 

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