How to Keep Your Messages Private

How to Keep Your Messages Private

Previews of incoming text messages appear as banners or alerts on your home screen by default. This can be handy if you want to quickly decide if you want to reply to a message now or if you want to wait and reply later. But it can also be a pain if your mom, or your boss, catches sight of a message you'd rather they hadn't. And we all have that one friend or coworker who thinks nothing of grabbing your phone to check out the notifications on your home screen. Luckily, within your Settings app, there’s an easy way to disable text messages from being displayed on your Home screen while still receiving notifications. Here’s how to keep your messages private.

To prevent your text messages from being on display for all to see, open the Settings app. Find and tap on Notifications. Then scroll down and select Messages.

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From here, you can turn off the Show Preview toggle. This way, you’ll receive a notification, but it won’t contain any text preview that you’d rather not put on display.


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