Tip of the Day: How to View Your iTunes Radio Listening History

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The only thing more annoying then getting a song stuck in your head is not being able to remember which song it is you've been humming all day. If you've ever wanted go back and put a name to a song or musician, just check your iTunes Radio listening history.

In Music, go to iTunes Radio and tap on History in the upper left corner. There you will be able to see a list of all the songs you've heard recently under the Played tab and all the music you've added to your Wish List in the other tab.


While you're there you can also tap Clear if you want to erase all evidence of your penchant for '80s dance music.

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Sarah Kingsbury is the Senior Web Editor of iPhone Life magazine. Previously she wrote for savvyvegetarian.com and was the Associate Editor of the Iowa Source for many years.