How to Sort Texts from Contacts & Unknown Senders in iMessages on iPhone

How to Sort Texts from Contacts and Unknown Senders in Messages

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I try to be good about keeping my Messages app clear of unwanted texts by deleting them. There are times, though, that I receive messages from people who are not in my Contacts and I may want to save the text, but not necessarily add the person to my Contacts list. That’s why I’m glad Apple added a sorting feature to Messages. Now I can keep my Contacts and Unknown Senders separate. Once you change this message-filter setting on your iPhone, you'll see two tabs in Messages: one for Contacts and one for Unknown Senders. Here’s how to sort texts from Contacts and unknown senders in Messages on your iPhone.

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To enable this feature:

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Scroll down and tap on Messages.

sms messages app
unknown text message on iphone
  • Scroll down to Message Filtering and toggle on Filter Unknown Senders.

How to Sort Texts from Contacts & Unknown Senders in iMessages on iPhone

Now you'll see a filter bar at the top of the messages list in your Messages app. Tap Contacts & SMS for messages from people you know and tap Unknown Senders for all other messages.

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