How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

There are a million reasons you might want to take a screenshot on your iPhone. Sometimes I’ll take a screenshot of a recipe or a block of text I want to save. If you can’t figure out how to save a photo, taking a screenshot is another way to save it to your Photos app. Overall, it’s iPhone 101. Every iPhone user should know how to take a screenshot, so we’ll cover it below.

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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

This is one thing that hasn’t changed much through the iterations of iPhone and iOS.

  • Locate your Sleep/Wake button.
  • Depending on the model of iPhone, your Sleep/Wake button may be at the top of your phone (older models) or on the right side of it (newer models).
  • To take a screenshot, simultaneously click both your Sleep/Wake and Home button.

  • The screen will flash, letting you know a screenshot was taken.
  • Open your Photos app to see the screenshot you just took.


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