Top 5 Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Blausen Human Atlas 2.0

$19.99,; iPad version: $29.99,; Free "Lite" version also available

BlausenHumanAtlasThis app contains 150 3D animated videos, 1-2 minutes each, covering a variety of topics as well as definitions of over 1,500 medical terms. Once you purchase the application, you are able to purchase additional topics covering pediatrics, bodily systems, and more. The application's medical dictionary can be searched and items in it are cross-referenced to related animations, images and definitions. Although this app is targeted towards healthcare professionals, healthcare consumers can use it to find out more about particular medical concerns.

Pepid Emergency Physician Suite

Basic PEPID app: Free,; 12 month subscription to Emergency Physician Suite: $169.95;

PepidEmergency1This app/subscription is perfect for emergency or urgent healthcare providers. It contains a full pharmacology reference with over 7,500 drug names, calculators with over 2,000 medical calculations, and a complete emergency medicine textbook covering over 3,000 diseases and conditions, illustrations, and laboratory values. The PEPID ED Platinum Suite ($239.95/year) is a must-have for emergency room physicians. PEPID also offers the PCP Platinum Suite for primary care physicians and has other excellent titles for nurses, EMT personnel, paramedics preparing for their licensing exam, and more.


Free,; "Pro" edition: $7.99,

MedCalcMedCalc is a user-friendly app that contains over 80 medical formulas that are often used by healthcare providers. In addition, it's constantly being updated, and new formulas are added frequently. MedCalc allows users to find formulas based on medical categories, all formulas, or formulas that the user selects as his or her favorites. Users can use S.I or local units, and most formulas have bibliographic references. The app is available in four languages (English, Spanish, French, German). The application also has a list of recently used equations which is very helpful for the busy clinician.

Epocrates Rx

Free,; Rx Pro: $99/year; Rx Essentials: $159/year; Rx Essentials Deluxe: $199/year;

EpocratesRxEpocrates is very well-known and very popular among the medical community. This drug database lists over 3,300 brand name, generic, and over the counter medications and includes descriptions and pictures of each. The database also contains over 600 herbal medications with important interactions. It includes infectious disease and diagnostic/lab test databases and medical calculators. Epocrates Rx, the basic application, is available for free. A number of subscription options are available, including Epocrates Rx Pro ($99/year), Epocrates Rx Essentials ($159/year), and Epocrates Essentials Deluxe ($199/ year). The basic app also lets you install the following free add-ons: MedTools (a variety of useful tools for professionals) and Mobile CME (an on-the-go learning resource). The app also lets you access Epocrates Mobile Resource Centers, which provides info on a variety of issues.


iPhone and iPad version: $299.99,; version for oral surgeons also available

The application provides detailed information on drugs, drug interactions, diagnosis, disease management, patient education, and more. (A complete list of the contents of Lexi-Complete is found in the App Store listing.) The application is very user-friendly and allows you to access all these databases from within the app. The Harrison's Practice section contains excellent outlines of common medical conditions. The 5-minute Pediatric Consult and Lexi-Pregnancy & Lactation sections are also very useful.

Physiology, disease, and drug references help doctors and nurses provide patients with the best care.
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