Apps that Help You Stay Organized

Recently, I tested three inexpensive productivity apps and liked them so much I decided to keep them all!

Awesome Note (+Todo)

$3.99, free "Lite"  version also available,;

AwesomeNote11: Main ScreenThis aptly named program has a variety of features that help you organize your life, including a calendar view to record daily activities, tasks, and ideas you have during the day.

The Awesome Note main screen (left) is easy to navigate. The main notes screen (right) is well laid out and organized.

AwesomeNote11All of the app's features are fully integrated between notes, to-do lists, and calendars sections. Your notes can be handwritten or typed, and you can embed pictures as well as a map to pinpoint your location in them. You can create notes with alarms that remind you about meetings, payments due, and other things. In addition, you can sync Awesome Note content with Evernote and Google Docs as well as share your notes, lists, etc. via e-mail. Finally, the app is fully customizable in terms of themes, layouts, etc. The developer did a great job at putting your info right at your fingertips.

Cozi Family Organizer


Access, enter, and edit information stored on your Cozi "family website." Once you're signed up for a free account on, access and update your family site from the app or from any Internet-connected Web browser. The Cozi site makes it easy to store and share information about your family, including a family calendar, family journal, shopping and to-do lists, reminders, messages, and more. According to the site, the Cozi Family Organizer helps you get things done, keep everyone in your family on the same page, have your shopping and to-do lists with you at all times, share ideas with family members, and more. The app itself is well put together and easy to go through.

2Do: Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync


2Do212Do is a full-featured to-do list app that lets you sync your to-dos and have notifications pushed to your iPhone. When creating a to-do, you can assign an alarm to it for a particular date and time. 2Do will send you an audible alarm and/or a message box about the to-do. You can also have 2Do send you an e-mail reminder.

2Do task  detailsIn addition, you can have the app sync your to-dos with a Mac (OS 10.5 or greater) via Wi-Fi, or with your online Toodledo list. One-touch syncing is a breeze, but first you have to install the Outlook Sync Helper on your PC or the iCal Sync Helper on your Mac. Both programs are available for free on the developer's website (

The main screen (left) uses tabs to organize your life. Click on Tasks, for example, to see an overview of what you have "2 Do."  Click on any task to bring up its details (right).

2Do also has password protection, create repeating to-dos, attaches voice notes to your to-dos, groups related tasks in their respective calendars, displays all of your calendars as tabs on the main screen, and much, much more.

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