Best Accessories on My Desk

Working for iPhone Life magazine has many perks, but my favorite one is having new and exciting accessories sent to me from developers around the world.

Below, I describe a few of the best ones—accessories that will make your 
iPhone or iPod touch experience easier and more enjoyable.

Just Mobile Xtand

Price: $39.99
Web site:

Just Mobile xTandXtand holds your iPhone or iPod touch vertically or horizontally, and rotates 360 degrees so you have your choice of viewing angles. Featuring stylish, solid aluminum construction, the stand provides access to all of the iPhone’s features and helps control cable clutter while plugging in a USB cable for charging and synchronization.

Eos Wireless Audio System

Core System $169; additional speakers: $99 each
Web site:

Eos Wireless Audio SystemEos gives you true multi-room wireless audio without the hassle. Just plug in your Eos base station, slip your iPhone or iPod into its dock, and broadcast your music wirelessly to an Eos speaker. You can also connect to Eos’ auxiliary analog input to broadcast audio from any audio source, including XM or Sirius Satellite radio, SanDisk or Zune MP3 players, computers, CD players—anything with an audio output. The base station transmits interference free, digital, CD quality audio from your iPod or other audio source to up to 4 Eos wireless stereo speakers, indoors or outside, up to 150 ft from the Eos base station.

Cobra LCD Vehicle Charger

Price: $24.95
Web site:

This universal vehicle charger takes approximately two hours to fully recharge your iPhone or iPod. It comes with an extra-long 8-foot coiled cord and takes the guesswork out of charging by displaying charge status on an adjustable, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.

Xpal iPower2 & XP4001

iPower2: $79.99; XP4001: $69.99
Web site:

Xpal iPower2The iPhone and iPod touch are powered by an internal battery that has a tendency to run out of juice before the day’s over. You can drastically increase battery life with these two accessories from Xpal.

The iPower2 (AP1200) is a slip-on battery case that protects and powers your iPhone 3G on-the-go. The slim design hugs your phone and the built-in rechargeable battery doubles your talk or video viewing time.

XP4001The XP4001 is an external battery that can charge two devices at the same time. Adapter tips are available for a variety of gadgets, including Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, portable gaming systems, and most importantly your iPhone and iPod touch.


Price: $29.95
Web site:

If you’ve ever been on a flight and couldn’t find a convenient place to set your iPhone, you need iFLyz. This compact stand clips on to your meal tray and attaches to the back of your iPhone or iPod touch with a secure section cup. Its flexible arm makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle of your device to watch your favorite movie. No more lame in-flight movies!

OtterBox Defender cases

iPhone 3G Defender: $49.95;
iPod Touch 2nd Gen Defender: $29.95
Web site:

The new Defender cases from OtterBox offer stylish and sophisticated triple protection for your iPhone or iPod touch. First, a thin, clear membrane covers your touch screen to help prevent scratches and dings. Second, a hard, strong polycarbonate skeleton protects your device. Finally, a silicone skin surrounds the case to absorb bumps and shocks. Our Medical Editor, Dr. Ed Zabrek uses the Defender on both his iPhone and iPod touch to protect the devices from the harsher aspects of his medical duties. The cases have protected the devices from damage on many occasions.

Accessories make a difference

Accessories are an inexpensive way to improve the efficiency and usability of your iPhone or iPod touch, and make it more enjoyable to use.

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