Best Entertainment Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Netflix


NetflixThe Netflix app helps you get the most out of your Netflix service, especially if you have a subscription to online streaming. Watch unlimited movies and TV shows and manage your queue straight from your mobile device.

2. Fatbooth


FatboothA very silly but well-crafted app. Make your friends (and enemies) gain an extra dozen or so pounds instantly. No Internet connection required.

3. HowStuffWorks for iPad


HowStuffWorksAccess a massive collection of articles, quizzes, podcasts, and videos to learn how the world around you works. It's the perfect app for growing smarter.

Biggest Time Killers

1. Fatbooth

(see "Best of the Best" above)

2. The Moron Test


The Moron TestWill you graduate from moron to genius? Test those good ol' brain receptors with these addictive and fun challenges. 

3. Akinator


Just keep answering the questions and Akinator will guess what you're thinking. It's freaky, you have to try it! 

Made for iPad

1. Flowpaper


FlowPaperMake gorgeous flowing paintings with your fingertips. This physics-based drawing app is the perfect outlet for creating stunning, spontaneous designs.

2. Talking Tom Cat 2


Talking Tom Cat 2He repeats everything you say, but in a funny voice. However, that's only the beginning. Pet his belly, pull his tail, touch his feet and see what happens. Go on, do it. 

3. Sketchbook Pro


SketchBook ProThis is digital sketching at its best. An intuitive interface and a complete set of sketching and painting tools fit both the occasional doodler and professional artist.

Best Movie Apps

1. Netflix

(see "Best of the Best" left)

2. Flixster


FlixsterRead movie reviews, watch trailers, and find showtime info. You can even buy or rent iTunes movies and manage your Netflix queue. 

3. Fandango Movies


FandangoPurchase movie tickets quickly and easily with the Fandango Movies app. You can also read reviews, find theaters, search movie times, and share event details through email or Facebook.

Our Take

Entertainment and game apps can be a little hard to distinguish. The main difference is that game apps generally have scores and entertainment apps don't. But don't fret. They both provide a consistent amount of distraction and fun.

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