11 Apps for the Business Professional

With more than 100,000 apps and two billion downloads, the App Store has truly reached critical mass. Both consumers and business professionals alike have come to expect that there is an app to solve almost any need that arises. Here is a look at some of the best iPhone apps available to improve your business productivity.

An app for almost anything

In truth, there’s not an iPhone app for everything just yet. But the collection of iPhone apps for business continues to grow rapidly. We’re at the point of critical mass now; the number of apps available through the App Store is exploding. Soon, we’ll have just about anything we need available for the iPhone.

If you have a favorite app that makes your business better, please let me know about it. You can e-mail me at nathan@iphonelife.com and I’ll consider it for a future top business apps round-up like this one.

These apps help you stay connected and productive
Winter 2010
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