How to Remove Sent from my iPhone from Your Email Signature

How to Remove "Sent from my iPhone" from Your Email Signature

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The default iPad and iPhone signature in iOS Mail is "Sent from my iPad" or "Sent from my iPhone." But while some people may be happy to declare what device they are using at the bottom of every email they send, others prefer to provide other information, such as the name of the sender and additional contact information. Here's how to remove or change your email signature. This tip will let you change your signature in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook emails sent from iPhone as well as your Apple iCloud account.

  • To edit your iPhone's email signature, go to Settings > Mail > Signature.
  • Tapping on All Accounts will allow you to change the email signature for all your email accounts at once.
  • Tapping on Per Accounts will allow you to edit the signatures for each individual account—which is handy if you use your iDevice for work and personal emails. 

To edit Sent from my iPhone tap on it, and then delete the default text and add the email signature you want to appear at the bottom of your emails instead.

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