How to Forward Text Messages on iPhone

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Can text messages be forwarded? Why, yes, they can! If you’ve ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or wanted to pass a message you received from one person on to someone else, you can easily forward texts from the Messages app. Here’s how to forward a text message on iPhone.

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  • Quickly send pictures you received in Messages to friends and family.
  • Send the same message to people without typing it again.

How Forward a Text Message on an iPhone

    When you forward a text message on iPhone, you can also add your own comments before sending it on. This is a great way to forward pictures you receive in Messages that you want to share with friends. To learn more about the Messages app, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter. Here's how to forward a text message.

    1. Open Messages.

    2. Open a conversation containing the text you want to forward.

    3. Long press on the body of the message.

    4. Tap More.

    5. All the messages will have small circles that will appear to the left of each text, with the chosen message already selected. If desired, tap the circle next to any other messages you want to forward.


    6. Tap on the forward icon and a new message will open.


    7. Enter your recipient's contact information.


    8. Press Send.

    Now your friend will receive the text you've forwarded. So much easier than retyping a whole message!

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