Never Lose Your Phone Again

We all misplace our phones. Unfortunately, losing your device is more than just annoying: it can leave your data in the hands of whoever finds it! CASEBUDi’s new adjustable lanyard is an affordable and stylish fix for this common issue. The crossbody strap is compatible with PopSockets and other attached devices—just slide it over your device and it locks into place. 

Considering how popular other products by CASEBUDi are, it’s likely that this next in a series of life-simplifying accessories will be a hit as well, and I can see why. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be out and about but doesn’t want to shove your phone into a pocket or hold it in your hands the whole time, a stylish accessory like this will save you the headache and free up your hands. 


I can picture this being especially handy when doing activities like sightseeing or hiking where you may not want to carry a purse or bag, but you really don’t want to be without your phone. With a CASEBUDi phone lanyard, your phone is conveniently never farther than arm’s length away. 

Another great feature of the phone lanyard is that it's not specific to any particular device or phone, so you won't have to buy a new one every time you upgrade your iPhone. The multiple colors and styles, though, may be an incentive to own more than one; I can see myself matching these with my moods and outfit.

While the product is available for preorder only right now, you can actually reserve your discount without any commitment to buy. Just use this link to secure the best deal.  

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