October Apple Event: iPhones, AirTags, HomePod, A New Mac, Fitness+ & More

We all had a pretty solid understanding that the 2020 iPhone announcement would be delayed, but that didn’t make Apple’s distinct lack of iPhone news at its September 2020 event any easier to swallow. Still, iPhone users everywhere are thrilled to hear that Apple will be announcing its newest iPhone lineup—presumably the iPhone mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max—on October 13. What else might Apple announce at this event? Apple recently registered a new model number for a Mac, so we're hopeful for an Apple-Silicon version. AirTags have been in the works for long enough, and we're looking forward to learning more about when Fitness+ will be made available. Audiophiles will be excited to hear that there may be an AirPods Studio release, and that a more affordable HomePod could be on the docket as well. Let's take a look at the most likely reveals for the October 13 Apple event.

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When & How to Watch Apple's October 13 Event

Apple confirmed today that their October event will take place at 10 a.m. PDT on October 13. This will be another all-digital event, so you'll need to plan to access it online via your Apple devices or computer. Here are more details about how the event can be streamed.

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4 iPhone 12 Models to be Announced

One thing we know for sure is that an iPhone announcement will involve iPhones. We expect to see 5G capability thanks to Apple's partnership with Qualcomm and hinted at by the event tagline, "Hi, Speed", and all models will feature OLED displays. The most notable differences will lie in the cameras, the sizes, and the prices. The smallest new iPhone, the iPhone 12 mini, should have a 5.4-inch screen, making it the smallest iPhone since the SE. The largest fits squarely into the phablet category with its 6.7-inch screen. For more information about dual and triple-lens cameras, tech specs, 5G capabilities, and other iPhone 12 FAQs, check out our iPhone 12 rumor roundup.

We've Been Waiting for AirTags Long Enough

Apple's AirTags item trackers will be the tech giant's souped-up answer to Tiles. These Bluetooth tags will be handy for those of us who lose our items frequently, and from what we've come to expect from Apple, the tiny disc-shaped trackers will likely come with some pretty cool accessories. According to MacRumors, they'll also support ultra-wideband, which will mean that iPhones with a U1 chip (we're looking at you, iPhone 11s) will be able to track lost objects even more accurately than with just Bluetooth. They've been in development for a while and were rumored to be planned for release by the end of 2020, so it seems likely that we'll see them soon! 

There's Talk of a More Affordable HomePod

Apple's initial HomePod didn't perform quite as well as expected, and that was largely due to it being far too expensive for what the everyday tech consumer would consider a reasonable home speaker budget. The original HomePod also experienced hiccups with Siri integration and functionality, so we can expect that these bugs have been fixed with the rumored second generation HomePod. Bloomberg suggests that a more affordable version of Apple’s HomePod speaker will be making a debut soon—potentially this year, so it's not a stretch to think we may see it on Tuesday.

Are We Finally Getting AirPods Studio?

These over-ear headphones have been rumored for quite some time. Since Apple recently stopped selling competitors' headphones and wireless speakers in its online and physical stores, it's safe to say we can expect the company to make a move on them soon. Forbes also reminds us that Apple's announcement art usually hints at what will be announced, speculating that the circular motif may indicate updates to its audio product line. What features might we see from AirPods Studio? Consumers can probably count on noise cancellation and some kind of sensor to help them determine whether you're wearing them or letting them rest on a surface or around your neck.

Will Apple Give Us Apple-Silicon Macs?

While nothing is guaranteed, Apple’s recent registration of new models on the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database included a model number for a new Mac as well, according to the listings found by MySmartPrice and confirmed by MacRumors. If new Macs are bound for the market, they’re generally announced at Apple’s October event after the new iPhone and new Apple Watch releases in the fall, so with the delay of the iPhones we may very well see a new Mac lumped into the announcement on October 13.

We're Amped Up for Apple Fitness+

The September Apple event gave us a few surprises, not the least of which was the announcement of Apple's new subscription-based, all-access fitness platform. With full Apple Watch integration, expert trainers, awesome music selection, Smart Suggestions, and a free three-month subscription with the purchase of an Apple Watch, we can expect this accessibly priced program to be a hit. Since Apple's September announcement only hinted at the release being later this year, it doesn't seem a stretch to think that we'll hear more about the release date for Fitness+ at the October 13 digital announcement. To learn more about this upcoming service, check out our Apple Fitness+ article.

Apple TV Is Due for an Update

With the announcement of Apple's new Apple One service bundle, rumors have surged: will a new Apple TV accompany the new affordably priced bundle service? We haven't seen a new Apple TV hardware release recently, but all these new Apple TV-related services do tend to support the notion that Apple will announce a new Apple TV device soon.

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