How to Set Up Auto-Replies in Focus Mode on iPhone (2022)

Send a personalized, automatic text explaining that you're unavailable while Focus mode is enabled.

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Focus in iOS 15 allows you to customize automatic text replies to send to friends and family explaining that you're unable to respond right now, but in a friendly way without relying on cold, scripted replies. Let's dive into how to set up a Focus mode auto-reply text on your iPhone!

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Why You'll Love This Tip

  • Set an auto-reply message on your iPhone so you never have to worry about leaving someone hanging when they text you while you're driving.
  • Apple's scripted auto-reply messages can sound terse, but with Focus mode auto-replies you can personalize your message to sound more like you!

How to Use iPhone Focus Mode Auto-Reply Messages

Driving is currently the only Focus filter that allows auto-reply messages to be sent, but it's possible that others will include the auto-reply function in later updates. Please note that since this Focus mode tip is specific to iOS 15, if you have an earlier software version you will need to update to iOS 15 before using these steps. To learn more about what's new in iOS 15, sign up for our Tip of the Day newsletter!

Here's how to use Focus on iPhone to send auto-reply messages:

  1. Open Settings.

    Open Settings app
  2. Tap on Focus.

    Tap Focus
  3. Tap on Driving.

    Tap Driving
  4. Next, tap Auto-Reply.

    Tap Auto-Reply
  5. Choose who will receive your auto-replies: No One, Recents, Favorites, or All Contacts.

    List of options
  6. If you select No One, Auto-Reply will be disabled.

    Select No One
  7. If you select Recents, contacts you've responded to within the last day will receive an auto-reply text when Focus is enabled.

    Select  Recents
  8. If you select Favorites, contacts in your Favorites list will receive an auto-reply text.

    Select Favorites
  9. If you select All Contacts, all of your contacts will receive an auto-reply text.

    Select All Contacts
  10. Edit the Auto-Reply Message to say whatever you would like it to say.

    Edit Auto-Reply message

Now whenever you enable the Driving focus filter, the group of your contacts you selected will receive your personalized auto-reply message when they try to contact you.

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