How to Update watchOS on Your Apple Watch

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Apple releases a new version of iOS every year of late and iPhone owners are encouraged to download the update as soon as possible. This is because new versions of iOS contain not only convenient new capabilities, but also repairs for glitches, and new security features that keep our devices safe from viruses and other malware. The Apple Watch is no different from the iPhone in its need to have regular software updates, so let's get started learning how to update watchOS so your device can deliver its full potential of features and capabilities! 

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How to Update watchOS

To update your Apple Watch operating system, you'll need to use your iPhone, and you'll need to make sure that your iPhone's operating system is already up to date.

  • If you haven't yet updated to the latest version of iOS, go ahead and take care of that now.
  • Check and make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50 percent charged and place it on its charger.

apple watch os update

apple watch wifi

Begin Your Apple Watch Update

  • Leave your Apple Watch on its charger throughout the update.
  • On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  • Now tap My Watch on the bottom menu bar.

apple watch appupdate apple watch os

  • Tap General.
  • Next, tap Software Update.

iphone apple watch appapple watch update

  • Tap Download and Install; you may need to enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcodes.

apple watch os update

The progress wheel will appear on your Apple Watch and remain on the screen for the entirety of the update, which may take up to an hour to complete. Remember to leave your Apple Watch on the charger until the update is finished. Don't restart your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once the update is complete your Apple Watch will restart on its own.

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