How to Reset Your HomePod & HomePod Mini

Learn how to reset your HomePod and HomePod mini to solve device issues and save yourself a trip to the Apple Store.

HomePod not responding? Whether you're having issues or looking to sell your current HomePod, we'll explain a few simple methods for resetting your HomePod to factory settings. Both the original HomePod and the HomePod mini can be restored through the Home App or with a manual hardware reset. Your HomePod mini can also be reset by connecting to a Mac computer. Read below to learn how to reset your HomePod.

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Important Notes before Resetting

  • Before doing a factory reset, make sure to try briefly unplugging your HomePod and restarting your HomePod. If these fail to resolve your issue, do a factory reset with one of the methods below. 
  • If you are resetting a HomePod mini that is part of a stereo pair, you will need to unpair the stereo pair prior to resetting your device.
  • For those who are resetting due to device issues, you will need to set up your HomePod after factory resetting to reconnect it to your iOS device. 

Reset HomePod with the Home App

This HomePod reset method is very simple! After the factory restore process, your HomePod will take several minutes to restart and you can begin the pairing with your iOS device.

  1. Open the Home app.

  2. Long press the HomePod icon to open it. 

  3. Tap the HomePod Settings icon.

  4. Tap Remove Accessory

    Tap Remove accessory to reset HomePod and HomePod mini
  5. Tap Remove to confirm.

    Tap Remove to confirm removing the HomePod from the Home app

Reset HomePod Hardware by Pressing the Top

This hardware reset will also restore your HomePod and HomePod mini to factory settings, which will remove your HomePod from the Home app. Once you complete the Apple reset below, you will need to set up your HomePod by pairing it to your iOS device.

  1. Unplug the HomePod and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Plug the HomePod back in and wait 10 seconds.
  3. Place a finger on the top of the HomePod and don't remove it until Siri tells you to. (Otherwise, you'll have to start over.)
  4. Your HomePod will first show a rotating white light and then it will turn red.
  5. Siri will say, "Your HomePod is about to reset. Keep pressing until you hear three beeps."
  6. Remove your finger once you hear the three beeps.

Reset HomePod mini by Connecting to Mac (mini Only!)

This reset option is available for HomePod minis only, because it has a USB-C plug allowing it to be connected to a Mac. It's important to note that if a HomePod Software update is available, this will need to be installed first. After the update, the HomePod factory reset will automatically start. The software update takes roughly 15 minutes, so if you're looking for a quicker option, I recommend trying one of the two options above.

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Click HomePod under Locations.

    reset HomePod mini
  3. Click Restore.

  4. Click Next to download the HomePod software. 

  5. Click Agree to accept the Terms of Agreement. 

  6. The software update will download. 

    Reset HomePod mini by Connecting to Mac via USB-C cable
  7. You'll see a notice stating "Your HomePod has been restored to factory settings." Click OK and unplug your HomePod mini.

As a final note for those troubleshooting: if none of these reset methods resolve the issues with your Apple HomePod or HomePod mini, I recommend either calling Apple Support or taking the device to your local Apple Store.

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