How to Print Text Messages from Your iPhone with Screenshots, Email, or a Stitcher App

We've already gone over how to print photos from your iPhone, as well as how to print emails. Now let's cover how to print out text messages. Usually, when we get texts, we just read the message, reply, and go on with our day. Sometimes, however, you get an important text that you need to save or document, either for legal reasons or to keep a paper trail of important communications. In this article, we'll cover how to combine screenshots with AirPrint to create a paper trail for your text messages. We'll also go over how to print text messages using your Mail app, as well as how to use a third-party app to print text messages from your phone. Read on to learn how to print and organize your text messages.

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You'll need an AirPrint enabled printer to print out your text messages. Check out Apple's list of available printers to see if your printer is AirPrint compatible, or if you need to choose a printer to purchase.

How to Print Texts Using Screenshots on Your iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app and tap the conversation you'd like to print.
  2. Next, take a screenshot.
  3. You might need to take multiple screenshots in order to capture the whole conversation.
  4. Now, open the Photos app.
  5. Tap one of the images you'd like to print.
  6. Tap the Share icon.

    select a photo in the photo apptap the share icon
  7. From here, you can tap multiple images to add to your selection; you'll see a check mark in a blue circle in the bottom-right corner of photos you've selected.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Print.

    choose photosprint photos from iphone
  9. Designate how many copies you'd like to print with the plus and minus buttons.
  10. Now tap Select Printer.
  11. Tap the printer you'd like to use.

    choose how many copies choose a printer
  12. Tap Print.

    tap print

To make sure your images are in order, I recommend either numbering the screenshots via markup by editing each one before printing, or after printing going back through the text message on your iPhone and laying out your printed pages to match the thread of the text. Then, you can number your pages with a pen so that your pages stay in order. Now you can staple, file, and share the document as needed.

How to Print Text Messages Using the Mail App on Your iPhone

Another free option for printing text messages from your iPhone is to use email. This method is best used when you have only a few messages you'd like to print, since you have to copy and paste each individual message into an email, rather than taking a screenshot of your iPhone's display and capturing multiple texts at once. To do this:

  1. Open the Messages app and select the conversation you'd like to print.
  2. Tap and hold the message within the message thread that you'd like to print. 
  3. A menu will pop up; tap Copy.
  4. Open the Mail app and tap the new email icon.

    tap copynew email icon
  5. Tap and hold a space in your message body.
  6. Then choose Paste.
  7. Your copied text message will now be in the body of your email, which you can send to yourself by entering your email address in the To field and tapping the Send icon.

    tap pastetap the send icon
  8. Open the email in your Mail app.
  9. Tap the Reply icon
  10. Tap Print from the menu; you'll be given the same print options as in the screenshot tutorial.

    forward icontap print

And that's it! If you're interested, you can also learn how to print photos from your iPhone

How to Print Text Messages from Your iPhone Using a Stitcher App

If you have a long text message thread that you'd like to print out and would rather like to have your screenshots smoothly combined into one file, there's an app for that! There's more than one option, of course, but I'm going to feature just one. Feel free to browse the App Store if you'd like to try an alternative app. The app I've chosen, Messages & SMS Export to PDF, is free, but does have in-app purchases. If you want to use the process below, you'll need to purchase Messages Export Pro for $2.99.

  1. To begin, download the app and open it.
  2. You'll be given the option to record a text thread in real time, or to stitch (combine) a finished text thread into a PDF. For this exercise, we'll be using the PDF option, so tap that.
  3. You can watch the offered tutorial, or go ahead and tap the plus icon at the lower-right of your display.

    stitcher apptap the plus icon
  4. Allow permission for the app to access your photos.
  5. Tap the screenshots you'd like to combine and convert to PDF and tap Select.

    tap ok for access to photostap select
  6. You'll see a preview; tap Convert to PDF.
  7. Enter a file name and tap Create file.

    convert to pdfcreate pdf from screenshots
  8. Tap on the completed PDF, then tap the Share icon.
  9. Choose PDF (Multiple Pages - Perfect for printing).

    tap the share iconcreate pdf to print texts

Now that you know how to print text messages, you may be interested in learning how to print emails from your iPhone!

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