How to Merge Duplicates in the People Album with iOS 10 on the iPhone

How to Merge Duplicates in the People Album with iOS 10 on iPhone

With iOS 10 on the iPhone, there’s a new album within the Photos app called People. Your iPhone looks at your pictures and groups photos with the same person together so you can easily find photos of them in the future. However, some people look different from one day to the next and the iPhone thinks it’s two (or more) different people. Understanding there would likely be some errors, Apple made it possible to merge duplicate people within the Photos app. That way, you can use this new feature to its fullest. Here’s how to merge duplicates in the People album with iOS 10 on the iPhone.

How to Merge Duplicates in the People Album

  • Open the Photos app.

  • From the Albums view, tap People.

  • In the top right corner, tap Select.

  • Tap on the two or more people you want to merge into one.

  • Tap Merge in the lower right corner.

  • Confirm Merge.

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