How to Edit Slow-Motion Video on an iPhone

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Editing slow-motion video has never been so easy, now that your iPhone has a slow-mo video editor built in. After you’ve taken your video, you can edit it in the Photos app; choose when you want the slow motion to start, when the video clip begins and ends, what filters to use, what rotation or cropping you want, and even exposure and saturation settings. It all works perfectly on your iPhone’s impressive slow-motion videos. Let’s get started learning how to edit slow-motion videos on the iPhone.

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How to Edit Slow-Motion Video on Your iPhone:

  1. Tap the photo viewer in the Camera app or open your Photos app
  2. Once you’ve located the slow-motion video you want to edit, open it, then tap Edit.

    slow motion videohow to edit videos
  3. Below your video, you’ll see a timeline of your video (looking like a row of still images) with a second bar below full of white lines.
  4. To adjust when the slo-mo starts and ends, drag the lines on either side of the bar of white lines. The frequency of white lines indicates the speed of playback.
  5. To adjust where the video begins and ends, tap either end of the timeline and slide it left or right. A yellow outline will highlight the portion of the video you will keep.

    slow motion video editor
  6. To rotate or crop a video, tap the rotate-crop icon, which looks like a box with overlapping corners and two curving arrows. This will take you to a screen offering the same rotate and crop options you're used to seeing when editing photos.
  7. To apply a filter, tap the filters icon, which looks like three overlapping circles.

  8. To manually adjust color settings such as exposure, brightness, contrast, shadows, saturation, etc. tap the dial icon.
  9. When you are finished, tap Done.

  10. If you decide you liked the original video better, tap Edit again and select Revert

    video speed editor

Now you can edit where your slow-mo videos start and end, as well as how to add filters, rotate them, or crop them. Happy editing!

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