How to Crop Videos on the iPhone & iPad (2019)

The iPhone Photos app  allows you to trim a video on the iPhone; but apart from that, the Photos app isn't set up to crop videos or for further video editing. There are a ton of iPhone video-editing apps you can download for free in the App Store. Some of those video editing apps will include everything you could possibly need for editing videos on iPhone; but since this tip is focused simply how to crop videos on the iPhone, I’m going to use an app designed specifically to trim videos on the iPhone. Here’s how to crop a video on your iPhone.

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How to Crop Videos on iPhone

1. For this tip, I chose the app Video Crop - Trim & Crop Video. You can find this app by opening the App Store and searching for Video Crop. 

2. Once Video Crop has downloaded, open the app. I chose this app because it is so wonderfully easy to use to crop videos.

3. Once open, give the app permission to access your Photos.

4. You’ll see a list of your videos, sorted by date.

5. Select the video you want to crop. Tap Crop in the bottom left hand corner.

6. A grid will be laid over your video. Drag the edges where you want to video to be cropped or choose one of the ratio options at the bottom of the screen.

7. Once you are ready to crop the video, tap the share icon in the upper right corner.

8. Once the cropped video is downloaded, tap Save to save the video to iCloud Drive or the Photos app. Tap More to share it. You can AirDrop your cropped video, share it with friends via Messages, Mail, or social media.

That’s all there is to it! For just cropping videos, the app Video Crop is fantastic. If you’re interested in video editing apps with many more features and options, iPhone Life Video Producer Rheanne Taylor recommends downloading Splice or Cameo.

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