Instantly Clear Out All Your iPhone Notifications

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Notifications on your iPhone provide you with important updates and information at a glance. However, if you're like me and don't dismiss or interact with your notifications frequently, they can start to pile up. When your Notification Center becomes cluttered and clogged up, you can easily clear notifications on iPhone all at once. Read on to find out how!

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  • Instantly get rid of all your notifications.
  • Declutter your Notification Center.

How to Clear Notifications on iPhone

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the unread notifications in your Notification Center, clearing them might help. For more iPhone shortcuts and tricks, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter. Now, here's how to clear notifications on iPhone all at once:

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  1. Unlock your phone and swipe down from the top left of your screen to open the Notification Center.

    iphone home screen with red arrow pointing downward from upper left edge, indicating to swipe down from the upper right edge
  2. If you don't see any notifications, try swiping up from your Lock Screen to pull them up.

    iphone lock screen with red arrow pointing up from center of screening, indicating to swipe up from center of screen
  3. Tap and hold the X icon for a moment.

    iphone notification center with X icon circled in red
  4. Tap Clear All Notifications when it pops up.

    iphone notification center with clear all notifications button circled in red

Once you tap Clear All Notifications, all of your notifications will instantly disappear from the Notification Center. Now you don't have to deal with hundreds of notifications clogging up your phone every day! Next, find out how to make your notifications private.

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