How To Change Your Voicemail Greeting on Your iPhone

How To Change Your Voicemail Greeting on Your iPhone

Your voicemail message lets people know they’ve reached the right person and reminds them to leave a message after the beep. When you get a new iPhone, you have no voicemail message. Maybe like me you've gone many months not having one before realizing that was the reason no one ever left a message when you missed their call. Or perhaps you simply haven’t updated your voicemail greeting in awhile; here’s how to change it.

Open your Phone app. Tap Voicemail. Select Greeting.

To use your carrier’s generic greeting, tap Default and press Done.

To record a custom greeting, select Custom and tap Record. Record the message you want to play when you miss someone’s phone call. Tap stop when you’re done recording. You can listen to what you’ve just recorded by pressing Play. If you want to try a different one, just tap Record again to record over it.


Tap Save when you’re done.

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