The Brydge Vertical Dock Saves Space And Reduces Clutter In Your Office

If you use a MacBook connected to one or more monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and other accessories, your desk is probably more than a bit cluttered. Besides that, there's the bother of disconnecting and reconnecting all those peripherals every time you need to move your laptop. Brydge is here to help with their reengineered MacBook Vertical Dock. Do away with connecting and disconnecting cables and searching for space on your crowded desk. Instead, get your work surface in order and save time by leaving your peripherals plugged into the Vertical Dock's two 40Gbs Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The Brydge Vertical Dock makes connecting and disconnecting your laptop as easy as shelving a book! This product features a suspended liner that moves with your laptop and automatically aligns your MacBook's ports to the dock's USB connectors. This guided docking feature prevents damage to your laptop's ports, as well as scuffs and scrapes on your laptop chassis. You can slide your MacBook in or out of the form-fitting dock as needed, with just one hand.

You'll have no more worries about your computer overheating, either. The Vertical Dock features intake and exhaust vents that work with your MacBook's fans to keep your laptop cool, no matter how heavy the processing load.

Made of solid space-gray metal with sleek, rounded corners, the Brydge Vertical Dock perfectly matches your MacBook in both design sensibility and color. What's more, the dock weighs in at a sturdy five pounds; nothing flimsy about this product! The Vertical Dock accommodates all of Apple's recently released MacBooks with Touch Bars, including the thirteen, fifteen, and sixteen-inch MacBook Pro, and the thirteen-inch MacBook Air.

For further convenience, consider purchasing a Brydge Vertical Dock for all your most-used work and recreational spaces. This solution provides seamless transitions between your home and remote offices, conference room, home theater, and wherever else you use your MacBook.

It's time you enjoyed the streamlined and organized workspace you deserve; purchase a versatile, efficient, space-saving Brydge Vertical Dock today.

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