Back Up Data Effortlessly with the OWC Copy That App

Our phones hold some of our most precious memories, such as photos and videos of moments that we can't do over. The OWC Copy That app makes it easier to protect these memories without the headache or time commitment of old-fashioned data sorting. Available for iOS and iPadOS, the app lets you easily copy certain types of media files directly to an external storage device.

There are many benefits to having good data backup practices. First and foremost, backing up your files, especially large ones such as videos and photos, allows you to delete them from your most-used devices. This frees up space, makes your devices faster, and it can even extend their use life. Storing your photos on an external hard drive also makes it easier to share your files with desktops, laptops, and other devices that aren't iOS compatible.

Although copying data seems easy in theory, it can be much more complex in practice. As a leader in storage technology, OWC applied years of accumulated data and knowledge to design this innovative iOS app to be easy to use for any user. Many people have struggled to manage their data, resulting in wasted time, lost digital memories, and wasted space due to duplication. With Copy That, OWC intends to make those issues a thing of the past.

OWC's app takes the guesswork out of data backup by using innovative technology to prevent duplicates, and also ensures privacy and security for your data when you do back it up. Plus, with Copy That, you'll be able to customize your settings and defaults so that each successive backup is done exactly how you want it to be. That way, all you need to do is click the 'Copy That' button!

Unlike many other backup tools and solutions, OWC's Copy That app is available for free in the App Store. Until the end of the year, in-app purchases are available for just $0.99, and include Verified Copy and Delete from Device. Verified Copy offers a more reliable and secure way to copy by comparing copies of data to the originals. Delete from Device makes it easier to delete backed-up files from your iPhone or iPad (a life-saver when you don't want to have to do this manually). Try OWC's Copy That app to make your data storage easier!

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